Node.js Vs. Python: What’s the Difference?


What is Node.js?

Node.js is a server-side platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine. It uses a non-blocking, event-driven I/O model. It allows developers to create data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Its applications are written in JavaScript. It can be run on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems. It is widely used to run real-time server applications.

What is Python?

Python is an object-oriented, high level, dynamic and multipurpose programming language. Python’s syntax and dynamic typing with interpreted nature, make it an ideal language for scripting.

It supports multiple programming patterns, including object-oriented programming, functional programming, or procedural styles. Moreover, it an interpreted language which means it cannot convert to computer-readable code before its runs at runtime.

In this compariosn, we will cover

Features of Node js

  • It uses a single threaded model with event looping. This type of event mechanism benefits the server to respond in a non-blocking way.
  • It is built on V8 JavaScript Engine makes it fastest code execution library.
  • There is no buffering in Node.js as applications output the data in pieces.

Features of Python

  • It allows low-level modules inclusion to the Python interpreter. These modules allow programmers to add or customize their tools.
  • It provides interfaces to all major commercial databases.
  • It supports functional and structured programming methods as well as OOP.
  • It offers high-level dynamic data types and supports dynamic type checking.
  • It can be easily integrated with C, C++, COM, ActiveX, CORBA, and Java.

Node.JS Vs. Python

Node.JS Python
Node.js is best suited for asynchronous programming Python is not exactly the best option for asynchronous programming.
Node.js is pure JavaScript, so its basics remain simple for the developers to learn. The biggest advantage of using Python is that developers need to write fewer lines of code.
Node.js lacks the clean coding standards. That’s why it cannot be recommended for larger projects. It is ideal for a large project as it can do anything that can be done using PHP code.
Node.js is an ideal platform available right now to deal with real-time web applications. Not an ideal platform to deal with real-time web applications.
It best suited for small projects to enable functionality which needs less amount of scripting. Python is suited for developing larger projects.
Best for memory intensive activities. Not advisable for memory intensive activities.
Node.js is a better choice if your focus is on web applications and website development. Python is an ideal platform to do multiple things – web applications, integration with back-end applications, numerical computations, machine learning, and network programming.
Node.js utilizes JavaScript interpreter. Python using PyPy as Interpreter.
Node.js supports callback. Its programming is based on event/callback that makes it process Faster. It supports generators which makes it much simpler.

Selecting a development platform is significant steps in the app development phase. Node.JS and Python are certainly two highly discussed languages nowadays. Let where we can use Node JS and when to use python.

When to use Node js?

As Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime it helps to develop building scalable network applications. It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model which makes it an ideal option for developing for data-intensive real-time applications.

Node.js offers greater performance and speed. It is an ideal solution for developing messaging or chatting applications. It is also useful for developing heavy-load applications and e-commerce sites that depend on the speed of processing.

Apps best suited with Node JS:

  • I/O bound Applications
  • Data Streaming Applications
  • Data Intensive Real-time Applications (DIRT)
  • JSON APIs based Applications
  • Single Page Applications

When to use Python?

Python has a library of open source data analysis tools, web frameworks, and testing instruments. Therefore, its ecosystem one of the largest out of any programming community.

Python is a most accessible language for new programmers as community provides many introductory resources. The language is also taught in universities and used for working with beginner-friendly devices such as the Raspberry Pi.

Python is also featuring consistency, stability, and easiness of use. It is highly preferred for developing scientific applications, big data solutions, and government projects.

Apps best suited with Python


  • Node.Js is a server-side platform built on Google Chrome Javascript Engine whereas Python is an object-oriented, high level, dynamic and multipurpose programming language.
  • Node is better for web applications and website development whereas Python is best suitable for back-end applications, numerical computations and machine learning.
  • Nodejs utilize javascript interpreter whereas Python uses PyPy as an interpreter.
  • Node is best suited for asynchronous programming whereas Python is not the best option for asynchronous programming.
  • Node.Js is best suited for small projects while Python is best suited for developing large projects.
  • Node is best for memory-intensive activities whereas Python is not advisable for memory-intensive activities.