Oracle MySQL 5.6 Certification with Study Guide

Oracle MySQL 5.6 Certification with Study Guide

What is MySQL 5.6 Certification?

The new release of MySQL 5.6 is designed for professionals involved in writing applications with the MySQL database server. The new version of MySQL is focused on increased speed, security, replication, and optimization.

Skills Required for Certification

To appear for this Certification, a candidate must have prior knowledge of

  • MySQL 5
  • MySQL Server
  • Performing database backups
  • Setting up replication and security
  • Protecting MySQL databases
  • Performance Tuning
Exam nameMySQL 5.6 Certified Developer, Oracle Certified ProfessionalMySQL 5.6 Certified Database Administrator, Oracle Certified Professional
Exam number1Z0-8821Z0-883
EligibilityOracle Certified AssociateOracle Certified Associate
Target audiencedevelopers creating applications that use MySQL as the database enginedatabase administrators for MySQL server
Exam Cost$245$245
Exam questions86 Multiple Choice Questions100 Multiple Choice Questions
Exam duration150 Minutes150 Minutes
Passing Mark61%60%
Exam topicsCheck this linkCheck this link

Note: The true/false option questions are removed in the new exam format.

Where can I take the examination?

  • The examination can be taken at any Pearson VUE testing center worldwide. Check this link to find a testing center near your location and register.
  • The exams are only valid for the date that you registered for. If you do not show up for the exam, you forfeit the exam fees.
  • If you want to cancel or reschedule an exam, you must do it in at least 24 hours before the exam time else you forfeit the exam fees.
  • For retake exam and other information related to the exam can be found here

Why should I take the certification? Is there any market value to the certification?

  • For those candidates without prior experience, certifications will help prove to your employers that you have the understanding and skills required for job roles that require knowledge of MySQL products. The certification is not a guarantee that you will get the JOB, the certification will only improve your chances of getting the job.
  • For those candidates with experience, the certification will boost your resume and chances are, there will be something new that you will learn.

Where can I study from?

You can go through our MySQL Tutorial which will aid you in your MySQL Certification studies.

Where can I get MySQL Certification papers for practice?

Take the mock MySQL Certification Test.

General recommended preparation tip

  • Hands on experience combined with good reference materials will increase your chances of passing the exams.
  • Practice how to install MySQL and learn how it works
  • Practice answering the questions in the certification practice questions/guides and take them seriously as if it’s the real exam that you are answering
  • When using the study guide, paraphrasing is very useful. Read important sections such as; Definitions, Examples, Commands, Best Practices, etc. Re-write them in your own words. This will help you understand the underlying concepts much better.
  • The MySQL reference manual found at link is also a valuable reference resource.
  • Also, you can purchase “Oracle Certification Practice Exam” from here