[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]SQLite is an open-source, embedded, relational database management system, designed circa 2000. It is a lightweight database, with zero configuration, no requirements of a server or installation. Despite its simplicity, it is laden with popular features of database management systems.

Key Highlights of SQLite PDF are

  • 159+ pages
  • eBook Designed for beginners
  • Beautifully annotated screenshots
  • You will get lifetime access

Inside this PDF

  1. What is SQLite?
  2. How to Download & Install SQLite on Windows
  3. How to Create, Open, Backup Database in SQLite
  4. SQLite Create, Alter, Drop Table with Examples
  5. SQLite Primary Key & Foreign Key with Example
  6. SQLite Data Types with Example
  7. SQLite Query: Select, Where, LIMIT, OFFSET, Count, Group By
  8. SQLite Join Tables: Inner, Natural, Left Outer, Cross (Examples)
  9. SQLite INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE Query with Example
  10. SQLite Index, Trigger & View with Example
  11. SQLite String Functions: REPLACE, SUBSTR, TRIM, ROUND (Examples)

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